International News Topics Going Into Easter 2016

The top international news story in the last few days has been the bombing at the Brussels airport terminal. It took some time for some people to find out if their loved ones were okay or if they had perished during the attack. It’s really sad that these types of events keep on happening in our world today.

One of the people that was present during the bombing in Brussels was also present during the Boston Bombing. This was a news story that has been widely reported over the last few days as people are talking about the terrorist attack in Brussels. People have also been talking about what the response is going to be when it comes to these terrorist attacks.

Of course, ISIS is always in the news, and the terrorist attack in Brussels has made ISIS an even hotter topic. Group that with the national news of the Presidential race, and you really have trouble brewing. People are talking about how to stop ISIS, but it never seems like they have a plan to do it now. They act like these people are really difficult to stop, and I happen to think otherwise.

I’m not sure I’m right about this, but imagine ISIS was a group that started in the US. Do you think that other countries would be letting us slide if we ourselves weren’t able to stop ISIS? In my opinion, if a country can’t stop its own radicals, you would think that country would be held accountable because the radicals are attacking people from other countries.

I know that if we don’t do more than what we are currently doing, it seems like everything will continue to escalate. Let’s hope that the next round of international news topics will be a little more lighthearted.